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Demo Yellow House Case - Valencia was denied approval to make re-roof her home after the DRC informed her that they had not approved the color it was painted, and due to the existing violation of the color, yellow, she would not be able to make the changes to her roofing. The DRC informed Valencia that she would have to repaint her home in order to gain approval. Read More

Video Game Case - On behalf of their client, Trapani and Lacy assert that Nxlevl's landlord, represented by the California based Mansour Company, failed to correct structural problems in the building leased by the store, yielding loss of revenue and ultimately forced closure after the building flooded. Read More

Smoking neighbor sued in EDH - An El Dorado Hills couple is suing their neighbor for what they call excessive cigar and cigarette smoke. The case puts a twist on a decades old legal saying. "My right to smoke ends where your nose begins," attorney David Trapani told the Mountain Democrat this week. Read More

Court wins in Court - On Friday, before the defense even completed its case, the judge ruled in favor of the Passis. David called it a "complete and total victory" for both Serrano and the Passi family. Read More


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