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Sunday, 22 January 2017 17:42

Homeowners Association

Homeowner's Association

Trapani Law Firm has handled a number of disputes between neighbors and between homeowners and their HOA's.

This includes issues over roads, fences, roofs, basketball hoops, house paint colors, etc.

Some of the more noteworthy cases involved:

1.  A nuisance action brought by a homeowner against his next door neighbor for alleged damages and diminution in value of his home due to the neighbor's (HOA approved) installation of a sport court and lighted basketball hoop. This case generated local news coverage. The plaintiff claimed $500k lost value for interference with his view corridor to the first tee box and clubhouse in the exclusive gated Serrano community in El Dorado Hills, Ca. We won the 3 day trial which permitted my client to retain his sport court and he recovered his legal fees from the complaining party. Kehoe v. Passi, Serrano El Dorado.

2. An action against the local government brought by a family who was being harassed over the choice of their house paint color (yellow). This case generated local and national news coverage. We defeated the local government (yes, you can "beat City hall") and the family was allowed to keep their home its cheerful yellow shade. My client's recovered their legal fees. Bula v. El Dorado Hills Community Services District.

3. We brought an action for an elderly couple and a husband who was suffering with a lung condition against the (unemployed) neighbors who were chain smoking throughout the day and night causing smoke to waft into the client's home, master bedroom and HVAC system. This case was resolved via settlement. Ganguet v. Solone

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